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Bibb, George Mortimer

Born: 1776 AD
Died: 1859 AD
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1776 – Born on the 30th of October in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

1792 – Graduated from William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia.

1798 – Studied law and was admitted to the bar and practiced law in Virginia and Lexington, Kentucky.

1806 – Moved to Kentucky he was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives.

1808-1810 – Appointed a judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals and became chief justice.

1810 – Once again he was elected as Representative from Kentucky.

1811-1814 – He was elected to the United States Senate from Kentucky.

1816 – He moved to Frankfort, Kentucky.

1817 – Served as Representative fro Kentucky for his third time.

1827 – Named Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

1829-1835 – He was re-elected to the United States Senate.

1835 – Served as a Jacksonian Democrat.

        – Served as chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Post Office and Post Roads.

1835-1844 – Became chancellor of the Louisville Chancery Court.

1844-1845 – He became President John Tyler’s fourth United States Secretary of the Treasury.

1859 – He died on 14th of April in Georgetown, Washington D.C.




2.1 (42.5%) 8 votes