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Born: 1876 AD
Died: 1899 AD
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1876 –  Born in Swaziland. He is sometimes referred to as king Bhunu.

1889-1899 – He became the king of Swaziland.

1893 – Bhunu, age 17, tried to exert his authority over some clans who were not showing respect, but during the ceremony to prepare the regiments for war, the ritual went disasterously wrong and the Queen Regent became seriously ill and went home to die.

1895-1899 – He was the Paramount Chief of Swaziland.

        – He was put on trial for his alleged involvement in the killing of chief indvuna Mbhabha Nsibandze. He was acquitted of the crime.

1898 – The indvuna of the Queen Mother was murdered, Bhunu admitted that the death had been at his command.

1899 – Bhunu became the titular ruler in the absence of the whites.

       – Died On the 10th of December while performing the sacred Incwala ceremony.

      – His infant son Sobhuza II succeeded him.




3 (60%) 46 votes