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Beust, Friedrich Ferdinand, Count von

Born: 1809 AD
Died: 1886 AD
2.7 (54.78%) 23 votes

1809 – Born on the 13th of January in Dresden, Austria. He was an Austrian statesman, was descended from a noble family which had originally sprung from the Mark of Brandenburg, and of which one branch had been for over 300 years settled in Saxony.

1836 – He was made secretary of legation at Berlin, and afterwards held appointments at Paris, Munich, and London.

1848 – In March, he was summoned to Dresden to take the office of foreign minister, but in consequence of the outbreak of the revolution was not appointed.

1848 – In May he was appointed Saxon envoy at Berlin, and in February was again summoned to Dresden, and this time appointed minister of foreign affairs.

1849 – He held the ministry of education and public worship.

1853 – Held ministry in internal affairs and was appointed minister-president.

1863 – He came forward as a warm supporter of the claims of the prince of Augustenburg to Schleswig-Holstein.
1864 – He was appointed representative of the diet at the congress of London.

1867 – He also held the position of Austrian minister-president, and he carried through the measures by which parliamentary government was restored.

1868 – After giving up his post as minister-president, he was appointed Chancellor of the empire, and received the title of count.

1869 – He accompanied the Emperor on his expedition to the East.

1886 – He died in his villa at Altenberg, near Vienna on the 24th of October.

2.7 (54.78%) 23 votes