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Bessemer, Henry, Sir

Born: 1813 AD
Died: 1898 AD
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1813 – Born on the 19th of January in Hertfordshire, England. English inventor, engineer and metallurgist.

1848 – Bessemer patented a method for making a continuous ribbon of sheet glass but it was not successful.

1855-1856 – Developed the first process for manufacturing steel inexpensively, leading to the development of the Bessemer converter.

         – In response to the need for guns in the Crimean War, he took out a series of patents covering an economical process in which molten pig-iron can be turned directly into steel by blowing air through it in a tilting converter (the Bessemer process).

1857 – Obtained a patent for the casting of metal between contra rotating rollers.

1859 – He established a steelworks at Sheffield, specializing in guns and, later, steel rails.

1879 – The Royal Society admitted him as a fellow and the government honored him with a knighthood.

1898 – Bessemer died on 15th of March in Denmark Hill, London.

         – Invented machine for making fine brass powder, which was used as a ‘gold’ paint.

2.9 (58.82%) 51 votes