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Bessarion, Johannes

Born: 1403 AD
Died: 1472 AD
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1403? – Basilius Bessarion was born on January 2nd at Trebizond, Trebizond empire (Trabzon, Turkey). Byzantine humanist and theologian, later a Roman cardinal, and a major contributor to the revival of letters in the 15th century.

         – He was one of the earliest scholars to transplant Greek literature and philosophy into the West.

1413 – He was sent to Constantinople, where he devoted himself to study, achieving great success in the field of letters.

1423 – He was educated at Constantinople (Istanbul) and adopted the name Bessarion upon becoming a monk in the order of St. Basil.

         – Went to the Peloponnese to hear Gemistus Pletho expound the philosophy of Plato.

1436 – He was made Bishop of Nicæa.

1437 – He was made metropolitan of Nicaea by the Byzantine Emperor John VIII Palaeologus.

1438 –  As Archbishop of Nicaea, he accompanied the Greek emperor, John VIII Palaeologus, to Italy to effect a union between the Greek and the Roman churches.

1439 – He joined the Roman Church, and was made cardinal by Pope Eugene IV.

1449 – Was made Bishop of Ulazzara.

1450-1455 – He was legate at Bologna and was engaged on embassies to many foreign princes.

1463 – Received the title of Latin patriarch of Constantinople.

1470 – Bessarion wrote the letter "De Bello Turcis inferendo".

1472 – He died on 18th of November at Ravenna.

2.7 (54.59%) 37 votes