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Berthollet, Claude Louis, Count

Born: 1748 AD
Died: 1822 AD
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1748 – Born on the 9th of December in Talloires, near Annecy, France. French chemist.

         – He discovered potassium chlorate.

         – Studied first at Chambery and afterwards at Turin, where he graduated in medicine.

1772 – Became the private physician of Philip, duke of Orleans.

1780 – He was admitted into the Academy of Sciences.

1785 – Declared himself an adherent of the Lavoisierian School.

         – He showed the value of chlorine for bleaching, and showed ammonia to be a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen.

1791 – Wrote the book ‘lmens de l’art de la teinture’.

1794 – Member of the committee on agriculture and the arts, and technical science.

         – He was teacher of chemistry in the polytechnic and normal schools of Paris.

1795 – He took an active part in remodeling the Academy as the Institut National.

1798 – He was one of the bands of scientific men who accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt.

1803 – Was the first to note that the completeness of chemical reactions depends in part upon the masses of the reacting substances

         – He wrote ‘Essai de statique chimique’.

1814 – He was made a senator and a count by Napoleon, yet voted for his deposition, and on the Bourbon restoration was created a peer.

1822 – Died on the 6th of November in Arcueil, France.

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