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Berra, Lawrence Peter

Born: 1925 AD
Currently alive, at 92 years of age.

1925 – He was born on the 25th of May in St. Louis, Missouri.

1946 – He played with the New York Yankees.

1951 – He was Most Valuable Player in the American League.

1956 – He was the Catcher behind the plate at Don Larsen’s perfect game in World Series.

1964 – He was the New York Yankees Manager.

1965-1971 – He is the New York Mets Coach.

1972 – He became Baseball Hall of Fame.

1972 – He served as New York Mets Manager.

1975 – He was Coach of the New York Yankees.

1984-1985 – He manager of the team New York Yankees.

1986-1989 – He became Houston Astros Coach.