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Bernoulli, Daniel

Born: 1700 AD
Died: 1782 AD
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1700 – He was born on the 8th day of February this year in Basel, Switzerland.


1724 – He was a contemporary and intimate friend of Euler. He went to St. Petersburg in this year as professor of mathematics, but did not like it there. His earliest mathematical work was the Exercitationes (Mathematical Exercises), published also in this year.


1733 – A temporary illness in this year gave him an excuse for leaving. He returned to the University of Basel, where he successively held the chairs of medicine, metaphysics, and natural philosophy until his death. His father wanted him to do this because he believed that there was no money in mathematics.


1738 – His chief work is his Hydrodynamique (Hydrodynamica), published in this year it resembles Lagrange’s Méchanique Analytique in being arranged so that all the results are consequences of a single principle, namely, in this case, the conservation of energy.


1782 – He is the earliest writer who attempted to formulate a kinetic theory of gases, and he applied the idea to explain the law associated with the names of Robert Boyle and Edme Mariotte. He died on the 17th day of March this year.

2.6 (51%) 20 votes