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Bernays, Edward Louis

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1995 AD
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1891 – He was born on the 22nd of November in Vienna, Austria.

1919 – He opened his office in New York in June.

1920 – He work for the American Tobacco Company, he sent a group of young models to march in the New York City parade.

         – Bernays’ favorite techniques for manipulating public opinion was the indirect use of "third party authorities" to plead for his clients’ causes.

         – Bernays’ clients included President Calvin Coolidge, Procter & Gamble, CBS, the United Fruit Company, the American Tobacco Company, General Electric, Dodge Motors, and the fluoridationists of the Public Health Service.

         – Bernays defined the profession of "counsel on public relations" as a "practicing social scientist" whose "competence is like that of the industrial engineer, the management engineer, or the investment counselor in their respective fields."

1995 – Edward Bernays died on the 9th of March.

2.8 (55%) 12 votes