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Berlinguer, Enrico

Born: 1922 AD
Died: 1984 AD
2.7 (53.33%) 12 votes

1922 – Born on the 25th of May in Sassari, Italy. Italian politician and a leading spokesman for “national communism”, seeking independence from Moscow and favouring the adaptation of Marxism to local requirements.

1937 – Berlinguer had his first contacts with Sardinian anti-Fascists.

1943 – Entered in the Italian Communist Party.

         – He devoted himself to making the Italian Communist Party a major force in Italian politics.

1944 – Appointed as the national secretariat of the Communist Organisation for Youth (FGCI).

1945 – Sent to Milan, and was appointed to the Central Committee as a member.

1949-1956 – He was named national secretary of the FGCI.

         – President of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

1957 – Abolished the obligatory visit to the Soviet Union.

1968 – Elected as deputy for the electoral district of Rome.

1969 – He was elected deputy national secretary of the party (the secretary being Luigi Longo).

         – Attended international conference of the Communist parties in Moscow.

1970 – Berlinguer engaged in an unexpected opening towards the world of industry.

1972 – Elected secretary-general of Italian Communist Party.

1973 – Hospitalized after a car accident during a visit to Bulgaria.

1976 – Under his leadership, it won more than a third of the Chamber of Deputies’ seats, prompting him to propose the ‘historic compromise’: an alliance of the Catholics with the Communists.

         – He was near to the premiership, but the murder of former prime minister Aldo Moro by Red Brigade guerrillas prompted a shift in popular support towards the socialists.

1977 – Meeting in Madrid with Santiago Carrillo of the Spanish Communist Party.

1980 – Berlinguer made an official visit to China.

1984 – Berlinguer suffered in a brain hemorrhage and died on 11th of June.

2.7 (53.33%) 12 votes