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Berlin, Isaiah, Sir

Born: 1909 AD
Died: 1997 AD, at 88 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Authors, Philosophers, Scholars


1909 - Born on the 9th of June in Riga, Latvia. British-Russian-Latvian-born author, philosopher, political scientist, and scholar.

         - Educated at St Paul's School, London, a private school.

         - He was the first Jew to be elected to a prize fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford.

1921 - Immigrated to Britain.

1932 - He became a fellow of All Souls.

1940-1942 - Worked for the British Information Services in New York.

1945-1946 - Worked in British Information Services Moscow.

1956 - Married to Aline Halban de Gunzbourg.

1957 - Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at the University of Oxford.

1958 - Inaugural lecture, "Two Concepts of Liberty".

1963-1964 - President of the Aristotelian Society.

1966 - He helped to found Wolfson College, Oxford and became its first president.

1971 - Awarded the Order of Merit.

1974-1978 - President of the British Academy.

         - Wrote the essay collections: "Russian Thinkers", "Concepts and Categories", "Against the Current", "Personal Impressions", "The Crooked Timber of Humanity" and "The Sense of Reality".

         - His philosophical works included Karl Marx, Historical Inevitability, Two Concepts of Liberty, and Vico and Herder.

1979 - Received the Jerusalem Prize for writings on the theme of individual freedom in society.

1993 - His later works included The Crooked Timber of Humanity and The Magus of the North.

1997 - He died in Oxford on 5th of November and was buried in Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford.


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