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Berle, Adolf Augustus Jr.

Born: 1895 AD
Died: 1971 AD
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1895 – Born on the 27th of January. American lawyer and politician.

1916 – Admitted to the bar, he served in World War I and was a member of the American delegation to the Paris Peace Conference.

1927 – Berle returned to practice law in New York City and later became professor of corporate law at Columbia.

         – He was a member of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Brain Trust and helped shape much of the banking and securities legislation of the New Deal.

1938 – As Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American affairs, Berle attended many inter-American conferences and acted as spokesman for Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy.

1945-1946 – Served as Ambassador to Brazil, and was a founding member of the New York State Liberal Party.

1961 – He headed a task force for President John F. Kennedy that recommended the Alliance for Progress.

1969 – His well-known writings include the classic study The Modern Corporation and Private Property (with G. C. Means), The 20th Century Capitalist Revolution, Tides of Crisis, Power without Property, and Power.

1971 – He died on February 17th.

3 (60%) 28 votes