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Berkeley, William, Sir

Born: 1606 AD
Died: 1677 AD
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1606 – William Berkeley was born at Hanworth Manor, Middlesex. English colonial administrator in America.

         – Sir William Berkeley, youngest brother of Lord John Berkeley, was the peppery governor of Virginia who had won the enthusiastic support of the population, banished its Puritans, and invited Charles II to come over during this exile and be king of Virginia.

1632 – He gained a place in the household of Charles I. That position gave him entré into a court literary circle know as "The Wits" and led to social ties that stood him well for the remainder of his days.

1639 – Soldiering in the First and Second Bishops’ Wars gained Berkeley a knighthood.

1642 – He became governor of Virginia, led militia against the colony’s remaining Indian tribes.

1644 – Returned to England to fight in the Civil War on the side of the Cavaliers.

         – Berkeley traveled to England to purchase arms for the colonists to use in the Third Anglo-Indian War.

1652 – He was forced from office by a fleet of British warships sent by Oliver Cromwell.

1660 – Berkeley governed Virginia with no major incident.

1665 – Organized a defense that prevented a Dutch landing on the Virginia coast.

1670 – He married Frances Culpeper Stephens Berkeley, widow of Samuel Stephens, an early governor of Carolina.

1675 – Refused to allow Nathaniel Bacon and the frontiersmen to take action against all tribes.

1676 – He ruthlessly put down a settlers’ rebellion.

1677 – Berkeley died on 9th of July and was buried half a world away from the place that had become his home.

2.8 (56.25%) 16 votes