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Berezhnaya, Yelena

Born: 1977 AD
Currently alive, at 41 years of age.
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1977 – She was born on the 11th of October in Nevinnomirsk, Russia.

1983 – She first began skating at the age of six.

1990 – Yelena sent to Moscow to capitalize on her talent.

1994 – With Oleg, Shliakov they finished eighth place in the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

1995 – The Latvian federation sent the pair to train with legendary coach Tamara Moskvina in St. Petersburg.

1996 – She was injured, when Shliakov’s blade sliced into her skull while practicing a side-by-side camel spin.

1998 – She won the gold medal in the European Championship.

         – Yelena tested positive for doping. It was one of the first publicly known doping cases in figure skating.

2000 – She was disqualified from the European Figure Skating Championships.

2002 – At the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Yelena and Anton won the 1st place.




2.4 (48.33%) 12 votes