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Beresford, William Carr

Born: 1768 AD
Died: 1854 AD
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1786 – He was born on the 2nd of October.

         – General in the British Army and a marshal in the Portuguese army.

1801 – He served with distinction in Egypt.

1806 – He participated in the capture of Cape Colony from the Dutch.

         – He captured Buenos Aires, but held it only briefly before it was retaken by Jacques de Liniers.

1807 – Beresford occupied Madeira and for a time was governor of the island.

1808 – He Joined with Arthur Wellesley in Portugal , he successfully reorganized the Portuguese army and was prominent throughout the Peninsular War.

1828 – He was master general of ordnance in Wellington’s cabinet.

1854 – William Carr Beresford died on the 8th of January.




2.5 (49%) 20 votes