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Beregovoy, Pierre Eugene

Born: 1925 AD
Died: 1993 AD
2.4 (48%) 5 votes

1925 – He was born on the 23rd of December in Déville-lès-Rouen, Haute-Normandie France.

1992-1993 – He served as Prime Minister under François Mitterrand.

1959 – He participated to the foundation of the Unified Socialist Party (PSU).

         – He became an adviser of Pierre Mendès-France.

1967 – He create the pro-Mendès-France Union of clubs for the renewal of the left.

1969 – This group joined with Socialist Party (PS).

1981 – Mitterrand appointed him as secretary general of the presidency.

1982 – He joined the cabinet as Minister of Social affairs.

1983 – He was elected as Mayor of Nevers.

1984-1986 – He became French finance minister.

1986 – He served as deputy of Nièvre département.

1988 – He led his presidential campaign.

1992 – He was appointed as Prime Minister of France.

1993 – He resigned after the Socialist electoral collapse of the legislative election.

         – He killed himself on the 1st of May after being ousted as prime minister and being implicated in personal use of campaign funds in Paris.

2.4 (48%) 5 votes