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Beranger, Pierre-Jean de

Born: 1780 AD
Died: 1857 AD
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French poet and songwriter

1780 – Born on the 19th of August in Paris, France.

1804 – He wrote to Lucien Bonaparte.

1813 – Elected to the Caveau Moderne, and his reputation as a song-writer began to spread.

His first collection escaped censure. "We must pardon many things to the author of Le Roi d’ Yvetot," said King

Louis XVIII of France.

1832 – He wrote to Sainte-Beuve.

He had little toleration for those erotic poets who sing their own loves.

1848 – Elected to the Constituent Assembly, by so large a number of votes.

1857 – Pierre-Jean de Béranger died on 16th of July.

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