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Benton, Thomas Hart

Born: 1782 AD
Died: 1858 AD

US lawyer and Democratic politician

1782 – Born on the 14th of March in Harts Mill, North Carolina.

1799 – Studied law at the University of North Carolina, but left school to manage the family estate.

1805 – Continued his legal education and was admitted to the Tennessee bar.

1809 – Served a term as state senator.

1812 – Jackson made Benton his aide-de-camp, with a commission as a lieutenant colonel.

1815 – Moved his estate to the newly-opened Missouri Territory.

1821-1851 – Senator from Missouri.

1836 – Drafted Specie Circular.

1853-1855 – Benton served as Representative from Missouri.

1852 – He successfully ran for the United States House of Representatives.

1854 – He ran for governor of Missouri, but lost.

         – Wrote 2-volume memoir "Thirty Years’ View".

1858 – Thomas Hart Benton died on 10th of April.

Opposed slavery and paper currency.