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Born: 1764 AD
Died: 1813 AD
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1764 – His exact date of birth was unknown.


1788 – He was a senior man of the Eora an Aboriginal (Koori) people of the Port Jackson area, at the time of the first British settlement in Australia, in this year. He consequently served as an interlocutor between the two cultures, both in Sydney and in the United Kingdom, later marginalised and died in obscurity.


1789 – He was captured in November of this year and brought to the settlement at Sydney Cove by order of Governor Arthur Phillip, who hoped to learn from him more of the natives’ customs and language.


1790 – He asked the Governor to build him a hut on what became known as Bennelong Point, now the site of the Sydney Opera House. This site is still named after him, as is the Division of Bennelong seat in the Federal parliament.


1792 – Bennelong appears to have had an unsure relationship with both the settlement and Governor Phillip, Bennelong and another Aborigine named Yemmerrawanie travelled with Phillip to England in this year, and were presented to King George III on the 24th day of  May 1793.


1794 – This year, found him on board the Reliance in Plymouth Sound, waiting to return to the colony with Governor John Hunter, but the ship did not sail until early in 1795


1795 – His health deteriorated. He returned to Sydney in February of this year on the same ship that took surgeon George Bass to the colony for the first time. He taught Bass some of his language on the voyage.


1813 – He was long troubled by the consumption of alcohol. He frequented Sydney less often and eventually died at Kissing Point (now known as Ryde, in Sydney’s North West) on the 3rd day of January this year.

3.4 (67.43%) 105 votes