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Benjamin, Judah Philip

Born: 1811 AD
Died: 1884 AD
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1811 – Born on the 6th of August in Christiansted, Saint Croix, in the Danish West Indies.

1824 – Attended Fayetteville Academy in North Carolina, and at the age of fourteen he entered Yale Law School.

1832 – Moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he continued his study of law, was admitted into the bar and entered private practice as a commercial lawyer.

1833 – Benjamin made a strategic marriage to Natalie St. Martin, of a prominent New Orleans Creole family.

         – He was elected to the lower house of the Louisiana State Legislature as a Whig.

1845 – Served as a member of the state Constitutional Convention.

1850 – He sold his plantation and its 150 slaves.

1853 – Senator from Louisiana.

1859 – He was again selected to serve as Senator for the term as a Democrat.

         – During the 34th through 36th Congresses he was chairman of the Committee on Private Land Claims.

1861 – Confederate secretary of war.

         – Davis appointed Benjamin to be the first Attorney General of the Confederacy on 25th of February.

         – Benjamin has been referred to as "the Brains of the Confederacy."

1862-1865 – Last Confederate secretary of state.

1866 – He was called to the bar in England, the beginning of a successful and lucrative second career as a barrister.

1868 – Published his Treatise on the Law of Sale of Personal Property.

1872 – He became Queen’s Counsel.

1884 – Died in Paris on the 6th of May and was interred at Père Lachaise cemetery.

1.7 (33.33%) 3 votes