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Benedict XII

Born: 12XX AD
Died: 1342 AD
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         – Pope Benedict XII was born in Saverdun, France.

1311 – He was made Abbot of Fontfroide Abbey and quickly became known for his intelligence and organizational ability.

1317 – He was made bishop of Pamiers.

1326 – He was made Bishop of Mirepoix in the Ariège.

1327 – Created cardinal priest of Santa Prisca in by his uncle Pope John XXII.

1334 – Roman Catholic Pope.

1336 – Decided against a pet notion of John XXII by saying that souls of saints may attain the fullness of the beatific vision before the last judgment.

1339 – Entered upon fruitless negotiations looking toward the reunion of the Greek and Roman churches.

         – French influence made futile his attempt to come to an understanding with the emperor Louis the Bavarian.

1342 – Died on the 25th of April in Avignon, Provence, France.



2.6 (52.31%) 13 votes