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Benedict IX

Born: 1012 AD
Died: 1056 AD
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1012 – Benedict IX was Benedict was born in Rome.

1032 – Benedict IX became Pope.

1036 – He was briefly forced out of Rome and needed the support of Emperor Conrad II to return.

1044 – In September, he was forced from the city again and replaced by Pope Sylvester III, who is sometimes considered an antipope, though generally Benedict’s abdication for a financial reward is recognized as valid.

1045 – Once again he became Pope.

1046 – Benedict IX retook Rome and remained on the throne until July, although Gregory VI continued to be recognized as the true Pope.

1049 – Benedict IX refused to appear on charges of simony and was excommunicated. Benedict is universally regarded to have validly acquiesced to his third deposition, and Damasus II is universally recognized as Pope.

1056 – He continued to seek support for a return but died in January.



2.7 (54.67%) 15 votes