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Benedict III

Born: 8XX0 AD
Died: 8580 AD
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683- He was chosen to be a pope and was not ordained until 684, because the leave of the Emperor Constantine IV Pogonatus was not obtained until some months after the election.

         – He was educated and lived in Rome and was cardinal priest of S. Callisto at the time of his election.

         – He was elected upon the refusal of Hadrian, the initial choice of clergy and people.

         – Benedict intervened in the conflict between the sons of Lothair I on the latter’s death. He was active in other cases and adopted a firm position towards Constantinople.

         – He obtained from the Emperor a decree which either abolished imperial confirmations altogether or made them obtainable from the exarch in Ravenna.

684-685 – Benedict II became pope.

685 – Died on the 8th of May and was buried at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome.

1.8 (35%) 4 votes