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Benavente, Jacinto Martinez

Born: 1866 AD
Died: 1954 AD
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1866 – He was born on the 12th of August in Madrid, Spain.

1882 – He was enrolled in the University of Madrid to study law but gave up his studies 2 years later when his father died. Benavente lived an easy, comfortable life.

1890 – He had established his reputation as a playwright, he worked successfully as an actor and gained a firsthand knowledge of staging techniques, which he later applied to his own productions.

1892 – He published his first work, Teatro fantástico, eight short sketches based on dreams and fantasies.

1893 – He wrote the plays El nido Ajeno.

1894 – His first play was the El nido ajeno.

1907 – He wrote the  play Los intereses creados.

1905 – He wrote the play Rosas de otoño.

1908 – He wrote the play Señora ama.

1922 – He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

         – He returned drama to reality by way of social criticism declamatory verse giving way to prose, melodrama to comedy, formula to experience, impulsive action to dialogue and the play of minds.

1954 – He died on the 14th of July in Madrid at the age of 88, having written and staged 172 plays.

2.6 (52.5%) 16 votes