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Ben-Zvi, Itzhak

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1963 AD
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Israeli (Polish-born) politician, historian and Labor Zionist leader

1884 – Born on the 24th of November in Poltava, Ukraine.

1907 – Emigrated to Palestine and settled in Jaffa.

1909 – Organized the Gymnasia High School in Jerusalem together with Rachel Yannait.

1912-1914 – Studied Law in Constantinople (now Istanbul), with future Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.

1914 – Returned to Palestine but expelled by the Ottoman authorities in 1915.

1918 – Ben-Zvi married Rachel Yannait.

1919 – He helped found the Achdut HaAvodah (Labor Union) party.

         – Elected to the Jerusalem City Council and to the National Council.

1948 – Ben-Zvi was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence on 14th of May.

1952-1963 – Elected President of Israel on 8th of December and served as president until his death.

1963 – He died on 23rd of April in Jerusalem, Israel.

Today his photo appears on 100 NIS bills.

3 (60%) 25 votes