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Ben Bella, Mohammed Ahmed

Born: 1916 AD
Currently alive, at 102 years of age.
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1916 – Born on the 25th of December in Maghnia, Algeria.

1936 – Ben Bella volunteered for service in the French Army. The Army was one of the few avenues of advancement for Algerian Muslims under colonial rule and voluntary enlistment was common.

1939 – He played center mid-field for Olympique de Marseille. He was offered a professional spot on the team, but rejected the offer.

1940 – Ben Bella enlisted again and was awarded the Croix de Guerre. He was demobilised after the fall of France but joined a regiment of Moroccan tirailleurs with whom he saw service throughout the Italian campaign.

         – Ben Bella was promoted to the rank of warrant officer and received the Medaille Militaire for bravery.

1945 – He refused to accept an officer’s commission after learning of the harsh French repression that followed a Muslim rising in the small Algerian town of Setif in May.

1951 – He was arrested and sentenced to eight years imprisonment Ben Bella escaped from Blida prison, making his way to Tunisia and then Egypt.

1956 – He was arrested by the French, after his airplane had been controversially intercepted and brought to France, and spent in prison.

1962 – Provisional prime minister of Algeria.

1963 – Elected President of Ageria.

1964 – Ahmed Ben Bella was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union on the 30th of April 30.

         – He was dedicated much time for foreign affairs than local political developments.

1965 – Ben Bella was deposed by army strongman and close friend Houari Boumédiènne.

1980 – Placed under house arrest, when he was granted exile in Switzerland.

         – Bella was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union on 30th of April.

         – Elected President of the International Campaign Against Aggression on Iraq.




2.6 (52.5%) 8 votes