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Bellini, Giovanni

Born: 1430 AD
Died: 1516 AD
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1430 – Giovanni Bellini born in Venice, Italy.  He is an Italian painter who made Venice a centre of Renaissance art comparable to Florence and Rome.

1460 – His earliest works date from before this period. They include a “Crucifixion,” a “Transfiguration,” and a “Dead Christ Supported by Angels.”

1470 – The great composite altarpiece with St. Vincent Ferrer, which is still in the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, was painted perhaps 10 years.

1475  -1476 – A legend that she ceased to paint in tempera only after he was introduced to oils by Antonello da Messina, who was in Venice is without point, for much the same effects can be produced in either medium.

1479 – His brother Gentile was chosen by the government to continue the painting of great historical scenes in the hall of the Great Council in Venice, when Gentile was sent on a mission to Constantinople, Giovanni took his place.

1507 – His, “The Martyrdom of St. Mark” in the Scuola di S. Marco in Venice, finished and signed by one of his assistants, and of their execution from his completion of Gentile’s “St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria” after his brother’s death in Venice.

1516 – Died in Venice, Italy.

3 (60.69%) 29 votes