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Bellay, Joachim du

Born: 1522 AD
Died: 1560 AD, at 38 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Poets


1522 - Joachim du Bellay was born at the château of La Turmelière, France.


1545 - Received permission to go to Poitiers to study law.


1547 - He met Ronsard in Poitiers, a starting-point of the French school of Renaissance poetry.


1549 - Published a Recueil de poésies dedicated to the Princess Marguerite.


1550 - Published his sonnet sequence Olive.


1552 - Wrote a version of the fourth book of the Aeneid.


1553 - Traveled to Rome as one of the secretaries of Cardinal du Bellay.


1559 - He published at Poitiers La Nouvelle Ivlanière de faire son profit des lettres.


1560 - du Bellay died on the 1st of January because of health problem.





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