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Beiderbecke, Leon Bismarck

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1931 AD
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1903 – Born on the 10th of March in Davenport, Iowa.

1924 – Beiderbecke first recorded with his band the Wolverine Orchestra.

         – Wrote compositions for the piano, and recorded one of them, "In a Mist".

In 1925, he spent time in Chicago and worked on his reading abilities.

1927 – Bix and Trambauer, a ‘C’ Melody and alto saxophone player, briefly joined Adrian Rollini’s band at the Club New Yorker, New York.

         – Suffered from severe pain in his legs and other ill effects of prohibition era alcohol.

1928 – He was productive throughout, but by the following year his drinking really began to catch up with him.

1929 – Beiderbecke had a breakdown, made a comeback, and then in September was reluctantly sent back to Davenport to recover.

1931 – Died on the 6th of August at the age of 28, in his apartment at 43-30 46th Street, Sunnyside, Queens.



2.7 (53.33%) 9 votes