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Behn, Aphra

Born: 1640 AD
Died: 1689 AD
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1640 – She was born on the 10th day of July this year in Wye, near Canterbury. She was baptized on the 4th day of December in the same year.


1663 – She visited an English sugar colony on the Suriname River, on the coast east of Venezuela.


1664 – She married Johan Behn, who was a merchant of German or Dutch extraction.


1666 – She became attached to the Court, possibly through the influence of Thomas Culpepper and other associates of influence, where Charles II recruited her as a political spy to Antwerp.


1669 – An undisclosed source had paid her debts, and she was released from prison, starting from this point to become one of the first women who wrote for a living. Her most popular works included The Rover, Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister, and Oroonoko. Amongst her notable critics was Alexander Pope, against whom she has been defended.


1670 – She cultivated the friendship of various playwrights, and starting this year, she produced many plays and novels, as well as poems and pamphlets.


1689 – She passed away on the 16th day of April this year. She was buried in Westminster Abbey.

2.9 (58.7%) 46 votes