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Beecher, Lyman

Born: 1775 AD
Died: 1863 AD
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1775 – Born on the 12th of October in New Haven, Connecticut.

Worked as a boy in an uncle’s blacksmith shop and on his farm.

1797 – Graduated from Yale, having studied theology under Timothy Dwight.

1798-1810 – Preached in the Presbyterian church at East Hampton, Long Island and ordained in 1799.

1810-1826 – Congregational Church at Litchfield, Connecticut.

1814 – A series of six sermons on intemperance, which were reprinted frequently and greatly aided temperance reform.

1826-1832 – Hanover Street Church of Boston.

1833-1834 – Second Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati, Ohio.

President of the newly established Lane Theological Seminary at Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.

1832-1850 – Professor of didactic and polemic theology.

1836 – Accused of being a moderate Calvinist and was tried for heresy, but was acquitted.

He lived in Boston for a short time, devoting himself to literature.

1863 – He died on the 10th of January in Brooklyn, New York.

Father of Henry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

2.9 (57.24%) 29 votes