Born: 6730 AD
Died: 7350 AD
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673 – Bede was born on the lands of the monastery.

680 – Bede was placed at the Wearmouth monastery at the age of seven under the care of Benedict Biscop, founder of the monastery.

692 – Ordained deacon at the age of nineteen. His writings are categorized as scientific, historical and theological which reflects the range of his writings from music and metrics to Scripture commentaries.

703 – Became a full pledged priest at the age of thirty. He observed the Rule of the monastery and was punctilious in his attendance in choir at the daily offices. After choir practice, he would study and teach his fellow brothers in the monastery. He was able to make a new calculation of the age of the world since the Creation.

732 – Completed the Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum), contains an account of Britain between the landings of Julius Caesar in 54 BC and Saint Augustine in 597 AD. He practiced the allegorical method of interpretation.

735 – Bede died at the monastery, he was able to finish his book with just dictating words to his fellow monk, Cuthbert. His book, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum) gained him the title of "The Father of English History".

1899 – Bede’s scholarship and importance to Catholicism were recognised when he was declared a "Doctor of the Church" as Saint Bede The Venerable.

2.6 (51.82%) 22 votes