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Beck, Ludwig August Theodor

Born: 1880 AD
Died: 1944 AD

1880 – Born on the 29th of July in Biebrich, Germany.

1933 – After serving on the Western Front in World War I, he was eventually promoted to the General Staff.

1935 – Staff boss of the army, after short time in the rank of a general of the artillery.

1937 – Criticized the decision Adolf Hitler in a memorandum to attack Czechoslovakia as fast as possible.

1938 – Resigned military post to protest German annexation of Sudetenland, and attempted to persuade fellow officers to oppose Adolf Hitler’s war policies.

1939 – Engaged itself in the resistance against the national socialism and became together with Carl Friedrich Goerdeler.

1944 – Participated in Claus von Stauffenberg’s plot to assassinate Hitler, as intended head of state to replace Hitler, but executed after failure of plot, died on the 21st of July.