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Bechtel, Stephen Davison Sr.

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1989 AD
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1900 – Born on the 24th of September.

1919 – Attended the University of California. Berkeley for one year to work for his father’s company full time.

1925 – He became Vice-President of Bechtel.

1933 – Became president of Bechtel Corporation when Warren Bechtel died suddenly while traveling abroad.

1954 – Stephen was awarded an honorary degree in Agricultural Science by UC Berkeley.

1960-1973 – Stephen became the President of Bechtel Corp.

1980 – Completed construction of the Bechtel Engineering Center, which was named in his honor.

1989 – Died on 14th of March and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California.

2.6 (52.94%) 17 votes