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Beauharnais, Josephine de

Born: 1763 AD
Died: 1814 AD
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1763 – Born on June 23rd in Trois-Îlets, Martinique. The consort of Napoleon Bonaparte and empress of the French.

         – Also known as Marie Josephine Rose Tascher de la Pagerie.

1779 – She married a rich young army officer, Alexandre, vicomte de Beauharnais, and moved to Paris.

1785 – Alexandre was ashamed of her provincial manners and lack of sophistication and declined to present her at the court of Marie-Antoinette at Versailles; his indifference grew so great that in March she obtained a separation.

1788 – She remained in Paris three years, learning the ways of the fashionable world, and went back to Martinique.

1794 – On 19th of April the Committee ordered Joséphine to arrest.

         – Her husband, accused of having poorly defended Mainz, and considered an aristocratic "suspect", was sentenced to death. He was guillotined on 23rd of July.

1796 – Married in a civil ceremony on March 9th to Napoleon Bonaparte.

         – Joséphine was an indifferent wife, declining to answer the future emperor’s passionate love letters and, while he was campaigning in Egypt, flirting with another army officer in a most compromising manner.

1804 – Napoleon became emperor of the French in May, she persuaded him to marry her anew with religious rites; the ceremony, which the Emperor arranged most reluctantly, took place on December 1st.

1810 – Napoleon in January arranged for the nullification of his marriage on the grounds that a parish priest had not been present at the ceremony.

1814 – Died on May 29th in Malmaison, France.

3 (60.89%) 45 votes