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Beard, Andrew Jackson

Born: 1849 AD
Died: 1910 AD
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1849 – Andrew Jackson Beard was born a slave on a plantation in Woodland in Jefferson County, Alabama.

         – Andrew Beard was a farmer, carpenter, blacksmith, a railroad worker, a businessman and finally an inventor.

1864-1865 – When he was 15, he was emancipated, and he married at the age of 16.

1873 – His design is an improvement on an earlier patent (U.S. Patent 138,405) awarded to Eli H. Janney.

1881 – He invented and patented a new design of plow which he sold three years later for $4,000.

1887 – He invented a second plow which he sold for $5,200.

1892 – He also patented a rotary steam engine.

1897 – His invention joined two cars together simply by bumping them against each other and was patented in November.

         – It was known as the Jenny Coupler and revolutionized the railway industry, becoming the forerunner of today’s automatic coupler.

         – Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio for his contributions to rail transport coupler design.

4.1 (81.48%) 149 votes