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Bean, Roy

Born: 1825 AD
Died: 1903 AD
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1825 – He was an eccentric U.S. saloonkeeper and Justice of the Peace who called himself "The Law West of the Pecos" who was born this year in Mason County, Kentucky.


1840 – He left home, seeking adventure in the American Old West. He wants to follow his two older brothers, Sam and Joshua.


1852 – He worked as a bartender in his brother’s saloon, "The Headquarters.” He later appointed by him as a lieutenant in the state militia. On February of this year, he was arrested after wounding a man named Collins in a duel.


1866 – On the 28th of October this year, he married a Mexican woman, Maria Anastasia Virginia Chavez. They settled in San Antonio, Texas. They had five children.

1870 – Throughout this year, he supported his family of five children by peddling stolen firewood and selling watered-down milk. His notorious business practices eventually earned his San Antonio neighborhood the nickname Beanville.


1882 – The Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railroad hired crews to link San Antonio with El Paso. Fleeing his marriage and illegal businesses, he headed to Vinegaroon, an "end of track" tent city, to become a saloonkeeper, serving railroad workers whiskey from a tent.


1884 – He was elected as judge and was re-elected many times.


1903 – He peacefully died in his bed, after a bout of heavy drinking. Later legend claimed a Mexican outlaw shot him in his porch. He was buried at the Whitehead Museum in Del Rio, Texas.





2.8 (56.67%) 12 votes