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Bayes, Thomas

Born: 1702 AD
Died: 1761 AD
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1702 – Thomas Bayes was born in London.


1719 – Enrolled at the University of Edinburgh to study logic and theology: as a Nonconformist, Oxford and Cambridge.


1731 – Published two works in his lifetime: Divine Benevolence, or an Attempt to Prove That the Principal End of the Divine Providence and Government is the Happiness of His Creatures.


1936 – An Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions, and a Defence of the Mathematicians Against the Objections of the Author of the Analyst.


1742 – Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society on the strength of the Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions.


1761 – Bayes died 17th of April in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Known for having formulated a special case of Bayes’ theorem, which was published posthumously.




2.3 (46.67%) 3 votes