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Bayard, Pierre Terrail, Chevalier de

Born: 1473 AD
Died: 1524 AD
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1473 – Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard was born at the Château Bayard, Dauphiné.

1487 – Served as a page to Charles I of Savoy, until Charles VIII of France promoted him to be one of the royal followers under the seigneur (lord) de Ligry.

1494 – Accompanied Charles VIII into Italy

1945 – Knighted after the Battle of Fornovo where he had captured a standard.

1502 – Entering Milan alone in pursuit of the enemy, taken as prisoner, but was set free without a ransom by Ludovico Sforza, he was wounded at Canossa.

1508 – Distinguished himself again at the siege of Genoa by Louis XII.

1509 – The king made him captain of a company of horse and foot.

1512 – Served in the Battle of Ravenna.

1524 – Wounded by an arquebus ball, he died 30th of April in the midst of the enemy.

His last words were "Pity me not. I die as a man of honour ought, in discharge of my duty. They indeed are objects of pity who fight against their king, their country, and their oath."

2.8 (55%) 12 votes