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Baum, Vicki

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1960 AD
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1888 – Hedwig (Vicki) Baum was born 24th of January in Vienna, Austria.

Began her artistic career as a musician playing the harp.

Studied at the Vienna Conservatory and played in an orchestra in Germany for three years.

Worked as a journalist for the magazine Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, published by Ullstein-Verlag in Berlin.

1911 –  Baum began writing in her teens. Her first book, Frühe Schatten.

1914 – Married to an Austrian journalist who introduced her to the Viennese cultural scene.

1929 – Wrote the novel Menschen im Hotel that was made into an Academy Award winning film, Grand Hotel.

1960 – Vicky Baum died 29th of August.

1964 – Published Her memoir, It Was All Quite Different.

Vicki Baum is considered one of the first modern best sellers authors, and her books are reputed to be among the first examples of contemporary mainstream literature.

2.9 (58.95%) 38 votes