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Bathory, Sigismund

Born: 1572 AD
Died: 1613 AD
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Sigismund Bathory is a Hungarian ruler.

1581-1588 – He became the prince of Transylvania (ruled under regency 1581-1588).

1588 – Attained his majority, and joined the league of Christian princes against the Turk.

Bathory had inherited the military genius of his uncle, and his victories astonished contemporary Europe.

1598 – Sigismund resigned as Prince of Transylvania in favor of Emperor Rudolf II (the reigning Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary).

1595 – Sigismund Bathory signed a treaty with Michael the Brave, the Voivode of Wallachia, in which Wallachia came under sovereignty of Transylvania.

1599 – Abdicated throne and took holy orders.

1600 – Sigismund at the head of an army of Poles and Cossacks, he attempted to recover his throne, but was routed by Michael, voivode of Moldavia and Wallachia, at Suceava.

1601 – The diet of Cluj (Klausenburg) reinstated him, but again he was driven out by Michael the Brave and general Giorgio Basta, never to return.

1613 – Sigismund Bathory died at Prague.

2.8 (56.77%) 31 votes