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Bates, Edward

Born: 1793 AD
Died: 1869 AD
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1793 – Edward Bates was born 4th of September in Belmont, Goochland County, Virginia.

Attended Charlotte Hall Academy, Maryland.

1812 – Acted as Sergeant in a volunteer brigade during the War.

1814 – Moved to St. Louis, Missouri Territory and there studied law.

1817 – Earning admittance to the bar.

1821-1826 – Serving as a U.S. Attorney.

1822 – Elected to the Missouri House of Representatives.

1827-1829 – Moved up to the United States House of Representatives for a single term.

1831-1835 – Returned to Missouri to sit in the State Senate.

1835 – Bates again served in the Missouri House of Representatives.

1840 – Became a prominent member of the Whig Party.

1850 – President Millard Fillmore asked him to be U.S. Secretary of War, but Bates declined.

1852 – Bates was considered for the vice-presidential slot on the ticket, and he led on the first ballot before

losing on the second ballot to William Alexander Graham.

1860 – Bates became a Republican, and was one of the three main candidates for the party’s presidential nomination.

1861-1864 – Lincoln appointed Bates as his Attorney General, an office Bates.

         – First Cabinet member to hail from the region west of the Mississippi River.

1869 – Edward Bates died 25th of March St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

2.3 (46%) 10 votes