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Bates, Daisy Lee

Born: 1922 AD
Died: 1999 AD
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1914 – Daisy Lee Gatson Bates is a US black civil rights activist was born 11th of November in Huttig, Arkansas.

1952 – Elected as President of the Arkansas State Conference of NAACP branches.

1957 – Bates and her husband L.C. Bates were important figures in the Little Rock Integration Crisis.

Published a local black newspaper, the Arkansas State Press, which publicized violations of the Supreme Court’s desegregation rulings.

1958 – Spingarn Medal(also awarded jointly to the Little Rock Nine).

1959 – Little Rock Crisis resulted in the loss of much advertising revenue to their newspaper and it was forced to close.

1960 – Daisy Bates moved to New York City.

1962 – Wrote memoir "The Long Shadow of Little Rock".

1963 – Bates is the only woman to speak at March on Washington.

1965 – Suffered a stroke and returned to Little Rock.

1968 – Moved to the rural black community of Mitchellville, Desha County, Arkansas.

1980 – Bates revived the Arkansas State Press and her memoir, The Long Shadow of Little Rock, won a 1988

American Book Award.

1999 – Daisy Bates died in Little Rock, Arkansas on 4th of November.

2.7 (53.75%) 32 votes