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Batalla, Hugo

Born: 1926 AD
Died: 1998 AD

1926 – Hugo Batalla Parentini was born 11th of July.


1962-1968 – Batalla was elected diputado for the Department of Montevideo.


1967-1971 – Once again elected as diputado for the Department of Montevideo.


1968-1969 – Member of the Latin American Parliament and Vice-President.


1971 – Split from Colorado to form the Frente Amplio with Michelini.


1972-1973- Re-elected diputado until the instauration of the military dictatorship.


1993 – Vice-President of the Chamber of Senators.


1994 – Batalla rejoined the Colorado Party for the elections.


1995-1998 – Vice-President of Uruguay during the presidency of Julio María Sanguinetti.


1998 – Hugo Batalla died 3rd of October in office due to lung cancer.