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Basquiat, Jean Michel

Born: 1960 AD
Died: 1988 AD
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1960 – Jean-Michel Basquiat was born 22nd of December in Brooklyn, New York City.


1977 – Basquiat and his friend Al Diaz started spray-painting graffiti art on slum buildings in lower Manhattan.


1978 – Moved into the city and lived with friends, surviving by selling T-shirts and postcards on the street.


1979 – Gained a certain celebrity status amidst the thriving art scene of Manhattan’s East Village, for his regular appearances on Glenn O’Brian’s lives public-access cable show, TV Party.


1980 – He first started to gain recognition when he participated in The Times Square Show, a multi-artist exhibition, sponsored by Collaborative Projects Incorporated (Colab).


1981 – Rene Ricard published "The Radiant Child" in Art forum magazine, helping to launch Basquiat’s career to an international stage.


1984 – Suffered excessive drug use and increasingly erratic behaviour, including signs of paranoia.


1985 – Appeared on the cover of The New York Times Magazine in a feature entitled "New Art, New Money: The Marketing of an American Artist".


Basquiat’s international success heightened, his works were shown in solo exhibitions across major European capitals.


1988 – He died 12th of August because of heroin overdose in his Great Jones Street loft/studio.




2.9 (58.29%) 35 votes