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Barthelme, Frederick

Born: 1943 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.
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1943 – Born on October 10th in Houston, Texas. American writer of short stories and novels featuring characters who are shaped by the impersonal suburban environments in which they live.

1970 – ‘Rangoon’, a collection of his surreal short fiction, drawings, and photographs, was published.

1971 – He wrote his novel ‘War & War’.

1977 – Frederick attended Tulane University, the University of Houston, and Johns Hopkins University, where he received his M.A.

1983 – With the short stories of ‘Moon Deluxe’, written in the present tense and almost all in the first person, he attracted wide notice.

1984 – The protagonist of his humorous novel ‘Second Marriage’ is a man whose second wife kicks him out of their home in order to make room for his first wife.

1985 – His novel ‘Tracer’ presents a disheartened male and two women to whom he is attached.

1995 – His subsequent works include the short-story collection Chroma and the novels Two Against One, Natural Selection, and Painted Desert.

2.7 (54.44%) 18 votes