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Bartel, Kazimierz

Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1941 AD

1882 – Kazimierz Bartel was born 3rd of March in Lemberg, Poland.

1907 – Graduated at the Lwów Polytechnic in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

1907 – He became an assistant in Descriptive Geometry.

1914 – Served as professor at Lwów Polytechnic.

1919 – Appointed as minister of railways.

1922-1930 – He was a member of Poland’s Sejm (parliament).

1926-1930 – Bartel became prime minister of Poland.

1930 – Gave up politics and returned to academia.

         – He became rector of the Lwów Polytechnic and awarded an honorary doctorate and membership in the Polish Mathematical Association.

1937 – Bartel was appointed a Senator of Poland.

1940 – Appointed to Moscow and offered a seat in the Soviet parliament but he refused it.

1941 – Bartel was arrested and imprisoned in Gestapo prison.

         – By order of Heinrich Himmler, was shot on 26th of July.