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Barry, James

Born: 1741 AD
Died: 1806 AD
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1741 – James Barry was born in Cork on 11th of October, known for his six part series of paintings entitled The Progress of Human Culture.

1758 – Barry first attempted oil painting.

1963 – Produced several large pictures, which decorated his father’s house, such as "Aeneas escaping with his Family from the Flames of Troy," "Susanna and the Elders," "Daniel in the Lions’ Den".

1771 – He produced his picture of Venus.

1773 – Exhibited his "Jupiter and Juno on Mount Ida".

1782 – He was to be chosen a member of the Royal Academy.

        – Appointed professor of painting in the room of Mr. Penny.

1799 – Barry was expelled from the Academy.

1806 – James Barry was seized with illness and died on the 22nd of February.

2.7 (54.78%) 23 votes