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Barrow, Isaac

Born: 1630 AD
Died: 1677 AD
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English divine, scholar and mathematician

1630 – Isaac Barrow was born October in London.

He completed his education at Trinity College, Cambridge.

1648 – He took to hard study, distinguishing himself in classics and mathematics.

1649 – Barrow was elected to a fellowship.

1655 – Became candidate for the Greek Professorship at Cambridge.

1657 – Barrow published an edition of the Data.

1659 – Isaac Barrow returned to England.

1660 – Ordained and appointed to the Regius Professorship of Greek at Cambridge.

1662 – He was made professor of geometry at Gresham College.

1663 – Selected as the first occupier of the Lucasian chair at Cambridge.

       – Published two mathematical works the first on Geometry and the second on Optics

1669 – Resigned in favour of his pupil, Isaac Newton, who was long considered his only superior among English mathematicians.

1669 – Isaac Barrow issued his Lectiones Opticae et Geometricae.

1670 – He was made a D.D. by royal mandate.

       – Barrow was the later Master of Trinity College.

1675 – Published an edition with numerous comments of the first four books of the On Conic Sections of Apollonius of Perga, and of the extant works of Archimedes and Theodosius of Bithynia.

1677 – Isaac Barrow died 4th of May.

2.9 (57.5%) 32 votes