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Barre, Isaac

Born: 1726 AD
Died: 1802 AD
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1726 – Born at Dublin. He was the son of a French refugee.

         – He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and entered the army.

1759 – With Wolfe at the taking of Quebec, on which occasion he was wounded in the cheek.

1761 – Entered the parliament under the auspices of Lord Shelburne, who had selected him.

         – He was a Member of Parliament for Wycombe with Robert Waller.

1774 – Was a Member of Parliament for Calne with John Dunning, James Townsend and Joseph Jekyll.

1782 – Appointed to the treasurership of the navy, which carried with it a pension of 3200 a year, at a time when the government was ostensibly advocating economy, caused great discontent.

         – He was the Paymaster of the Forces.

         – He received from the younger Pitt the clerkship of the pells in place of the pension, which thus was saved to the public.

1802 – Died on July 20th.

1 (20%) 2 votes